I was born in Sangaw, Southern Kurdistan in 1973. I finished my primary education in Sangaw before I moved to the city of Sulaimaniah in 1986 where I finished my both secondary and high school education.I went to Salahaddin University in 1993 and studied Mechanical Engineering.
Although I was very keen to study music I did not have the chance to pursue this however I did not give up hope and managed to follow my musical ambition after I met one of my best friends during my first year at University. He was a violin player called Bilend Qeredaxi. Through Bilend I met a few professional musicians namely Goran Kamil, who is now managing me, Zana Mhamud Hejar, Sabahi Sentur and others later.
My first year of University was full of musical surprises and activities and the time when we first established a musical band called ‘Zanko’. I was one of the lead
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